Vermilion Tower

Erik Ylvisaker

Vermilion Tower is my creative outlet. I am a classic gamer. I’ve been coding my own video games since I was a kid. Like so many children of the eighties, the ever-growing repertoire of classic games captured my imagination. So began my lifelong passion for game development. I have always coded games for myself, and up until recently I’ve not been focused on sharing my games. Vermilion Tower is a project to take all my half-finished game projects and turn them into games that other people will enjoy playing.

I’ve worked with a variety of programming languages, such as C#, C++, Visual Basic, SQL, Bash, Powershell, Fortran, Delphi and others. I started working with C# in 2006 and it has been my favorite ever since. The first large project I wrote with in C# was AgateLib. Lately I have been experimenting with using UWP and MonoGame to deploy my projects onto the Xbox One. I completed my a PhD in physics in 2008 and a postdoc in 2012 with a focus on theoretical condensed matter physics, using my coding skills to do physics research. In 2013 I began working professionally as a software engineer. I’ve worked in small and large companies with both modern and legacy tools.

Ariana Rundquist

I am a digital marketing consultant and the muse in residence at Vermilion Tower. Erik makes the games. I provide my opinions by helping with story-boarding and social media.

picture of Erik and Ariana
Erik Ylvisaker and Ariana Rundquist