Thornbridge Castle is under attack!

Terrible monsters appear out of thin air within the castle walls. The Knights of Thornbridge assemble to defend their king in the inner sanctum, but it suddenly collapses, leaving them all trapped within… their fates uncertain.

Meanwhile, our heroine Vanisa is undergoing a traditional rite of passage to join the ranks of the Knights of Thornbridge. Now, as the last knight of Thornbridge, can she find a way into the besieged castle in time to rescue those trapped inside, including the king? Who orchestrated this attack, why now and to what purpose? What does this mean for the future of Thornbridge Castle?

Thornbridge Saga is a metroidvania, inspired by classics such as Super Ghouls n’ Ghosts, Castlevania, and Zelda: Adventure of Link. Explore fantastical landscapes, creepy caves, deep dungeons and towering castles. Battle deadly foes with clever tactics and the judicious use of bombs and battleaxes. Discover magic items that enable new strategies for combat. Use your wits to leverage the landscape to your advantage, or trick monsters into fighting each other. And have fun in this darkly-themed adventure for the modern gamer.

Currently in development for release on PC and consoles. Coming soon to a crowd-sharing platform near you.